When The Equestrian, Secular and Chapterial Order of Saint Joachim was founded in 1755 it was originally under the name The Knights of the Order of Jonathan, Defenders of the Honour of Divine Providence.

In 1756 the Statutes and Rules of the Order (here referred to in French as The Order of the Very Glorious Memory of the Divine Providence, or simply "The Order of the Knights of Providence") were privately published for its small membership. A copy of these Statutes and Rules still exists. Reproduced below is a copy of the original two-page document from 1756. It is written in French as the common court language of many German States during the Enlightenment.

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There also exists an original document of the Order's Statutes and Rules from 1768 published shortly after the death of the Order's first Grand Master. To see them click on: 1768 Statutes and Rules 

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