When The Equestrian, Secular and Chapterial Order of Saint Joachim was founded in 1755 it was originally under the name The Knights of the Order of Jonathan, Defenders of the Honour of Divine Providence.

In 1756 the Statutes and Rules of the Order (here referred to in French as The Order of the Very Glorious Memory of the Divine Providence, or simply "The Order of the Knights of Providence") were privately published for its small membership. Reproduced below is a copy of the original two-page document from 1756. It is written in French as the common court language of many German States during the Enlightenment.

A full copy of the statutes of the Order of Jonathan from 1764 is available as a PDF here. The insignia of the original Order of Jonathan took its inspiration from other lodges and secret societies, particularly, according to one author ,the masonic lodge in Leitmeritz where the Order was founded. Freemasons may recognize some of the symbolism in the below insignia, which were in fact common to many Enlightenment "secret" societies, such as the "all-seeing eye of God".

Original mid-18th Century insignia of the Order of Jonathan, including a Commander's breast star and neck cross. Both have the Order motto Junxit Amicus Amor (Love hath united friends) and the letters FSCV (Fide sed cui vide - "Trust, but be careful in whom you trust") on the arms.

The Grand Master's collar included a banner with the Order's oldest motto: "Junxit Amicus Amor" (love hath united friends). The order originally took its name from Jonathan, a figure in the Bible's Book of Samuel, Chapter 20, which tells of the enduring friendship between David and Jonathan. The Order's motto Junxit Amicus Amor (Love hath united friends) is a reference to their close friendship. The white, eight-pointed cross adopted the letters FSCV (Fide sed cui vide - "Trust, but be careful in whom you trust") which appeared on the arms. It appears there were different insignia for the different offices of the Order, much like a Masonic lodge's officers' jewels.

The Grand Master's collar, with a cornflower blue ribbon, black centre and triangle with the
"all-seeing eye" and F-S-C-V on the arms. The symbol on the back is "IO" for the
"Jonathan Order"
(Illustration by Chevalier Cole Gallup KJ)

Illustration of the Grand Master's collar.

Officers' cross.

Ladies' cross, using the somewhat macabre
"skull and crossbones" devices, meant to remind
of the transitory nature of life and beauty.

Member's cross, in red enamel.

Insignia of one of the Order's offiice holders.

A modern illustration.

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